Why are my searches getting redirected?

The HideMeNot Extension intercepts search queries that may go to search engines that track and profile their users, and redirects these queries to our private search engine to protect your privacy.
If you’d like to uninstall, please see the instructions here.

How does HideMeNot protect my privacy?

HideMeNot strives to deliver a complete private search experience, without compromising on the quality of search results which you expect from your current search engine of choice.

We ensure this by

a) Not asking you for any personal information: There is no signup process to get started and we never get to know your email address, your name or any other personal information.
b) Not building any profile based on what you search: To ensure your complete privacy, we do not build any interest profile based on what you search for.
c) Not indulging in search filtering: Most of the search engines use the profile they build on you to filter search results. This means two different users might see different search results for the same search term. HideMeNot makes sure each user sees the complete search results at all times.
d) Not accessing your browsing history: We simply do not ever get access to your browsing history. This means there is no accidental possibility of us identifying you, ever.
e) Automatically protecting you from search engines that track you: Our browser extension redirects any search which you accidently perform on unsecure search engines to HideMeNot to always keep your searches private.
f) Not leaking your search terms to any other site: All your clicks on our search results page redirect via our own servers, which means the site you eventually visit does not get to know what you searched for.

We recommend that you read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for more details.

Removing HideMeNot

If you wish to remove HideMeNot protection from your system, please see the uninstall instructions here.